Союз українців Підляшшя - Związek Ukraińców Podlasia

About us

The Association of Ukrainians in Podlasie is the largest Ukrainian organization with a community and culture-forming profile operating in Podlasie.  Stemming from the Podlasie branch of the Associatin of Ukrainians in Poland, it was founded in 1992. It operates in the Podlaskie and Lubelskie provinces with its headquarters is Bielsk Podlaski.

The objectives of the Association include maintaining and reinforcing Ukrainian national identity among the Ukrainian-speaking community of Podlasie, preserving and development of local Ukrainian culture; carrying out activities aimed at shaping civic attitudes of the Ukrainian minority, as well as executing civic rights of the Ukrainian national minority in Poland, as guaranteed by national and international law.

The organization pursues its goals mainly through culture-forming, publishing and educational activities.  A number of annually-held events along with artistic and educational projects, which have become a permanent element of Podlasie cultural calendar for decades now,  serves as an example of the notable long-term effects of the Association’s efforts. These projects would be: the Festival of Ukrainian Culture in Podlasie „Podlasie Autumn”, the open-air event „Na Iwana na Kupała”, the Ukrainian Song Competition „Z Pidlaśkoji Krynyci”, numerous educational enterprises aimed at children and young people, and also publishing activity, for instance issuing the Ukrainian magazine of Podlasie „Nad Buhom i Narwoju”.